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About Us

Shenzhen Wosen Technology      Shenzhen Wosen Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and we are a professional electric vehicles enterprise with R&D, manufacturing and sales. Our headquarter locates in Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District. Our plant is nearly 100,000 square meters with a professional R & D team of more than 100 people and around 1000 employees. Wosen has built a long-time partnership with several of excellent companies with timely technical interactions. 
      We are specialized in electric sightseeing cars, electric patrol cars, mobile police offices, electric classic cars, electric golf carts, electric sweeping vehicles, electric sanitation trucks, electric vans, electric food carts and some special models of Explosion patrol car, fuel sightseeing vehicles. Now Wosen is one of the best brands in the electric vehicle industry with the strongest R & D capabilities, the largest production scale and the most completed marketing system. 
      At the very beginning of our foundation, we cooperated with Changchun Automobile Industry University, Wuhan University Automobile Research Institute and other professional institutions to support our independent research and development on the core technology. We hired professional American designers to do the vehicle exterior design to melt with our own technology and quality control perfectly to ensure our cars are the best in the domestic industry. 
      Wosen has been ISO9001, ISO14000 and CE certificated and get the Conformity Certificate of protection [of electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres]and Special Industrial Vehicle Production License.
    "Profession, Innovation, Cooperation and Win-win" is our philosophy and quality is Wosen’s life. Aiming at the world's advanced design, emphasizing on quality control process and detail services are the keys for Wosen to be the top enterprises on electric cars in China. Wosen’s cars are very popular all around the world and we are now focused on B2B to expand our markets more widely. 
       Looking ahead, Wosen will continue to persist” Low-carbon, energy saving, green, safe” to make our world a better world.
Our philosophy 
       Create a better life and a greener world! to meet the market demand, to create value for the enterprise, providing opportunities for employees, to contribute to society; 
Our goals 
      To build first-class environment, to get first-class technology, to produce first-class products and provide excellent service. 
     Develop the green electric car industry with high-tech.
Our Principles: profession, innovation, cooperation and win-win 
Our Belief: Happiness, Honesty, Pragmatic, Service and Progress
Vehicles can’t be ignited
The reason : 
1. Battery is without power
2. The fuse of controller is gone 
3. The ignition switch has problem
4. Line problems 
The solution: 
1. Charge the battery 
2. Replace the fuse 
3. Replace the ignition switch 
4. Check the line
Brake failure 
The reason: 
1. Oil tube is damaged or leakage
2. The brake master cylinder or wheel cylinder is damaged 
3. The brake is adjusted improperly.
The solution: 
1. Replace the oil tubing 
2. Replace the master cylinder or wheel cylinder 
3. Re-adjust the brake pads
The vehicle can’t move forward or backward 
The reason: 
1. The controller is damaged 
2. The accelerator damage 
3. The motor damage 
4. Line problems 
The solution: 
1. Replace the controller. 
2. Replace the accelerator 
3. Check the motor brushes or replace the motor 
4. Check the line 
Unable to charge the battery by using the charger 
The reason: 
1, The charger and the battery don’t match 
2, The charger is damaged 
3, The charger cable is broken 
4, the charging voltage is not as required 
The solution: 
1, Check if the charger and the battery matches 
2, Replace charger 
3, Check the charger’s cable 
4, check the charging voltage
Wheel lock and can’t rotate 
The reason: 
1. The brake locked 
2.  The bearing is damaged. 
The solution: 
1. Adjust the brakes 
2. Replace the bearings
3. Can’t turn the steering wheel 
The reason: 
1. The steering device may be damaged 
2. The vertical shaft may be damaged or stuck 
3. The steering device or vertical shaft didn’t lubricated enough 
The solution: 
1. Replace the steering device or vertical shaft.
2. Lubricate the steering device and vertical shaft. 
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How to choose 4 wheels electric patrol cars?
1. Color: Bright, Shine and well-distributed
2. Check the accessories: Brake, Wheels, Chains, Seats and etc.
3. Check the electric line: Lights, Horns, Switches, Chargers, Batteries and etc.
4. Check the motor: noise, power, normal temperature when running and current.
5. Check the battery: appearance, voltage and whether they are original branded batteries.
How to prevent electric sightseeing car’s ignition?
1. Maintain the lines timely and better once per half a year or one year.
2. Avoid driving the electrical cars in rainy day or pounding roads and DO NOT EVER PUT THE BATTERY OR MOTOR IN THE WATER.
3. Do not drive the electric cars continuously for a long time in case the temperature of the motor is too high.
4. When charging, we’d better put the charger in the ground which is better for the heat radiation