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What's Electric vehicle motor dismantling and installation methodt?

Electric vehicle with energy saving and environmental protection effect, but in the current human economic development while the destruction of the ecological environment, such as:which appears in the first two months of Beijing's haze is severe direct impact on people's lives, the event attracted more domestic and foreign concerns about the house, but also morecause the attention of national leaders, according to the relevant news that our early advocate energy-saving emission reduction, green travel slogan, and formulated relevant laws and regulations to restrict the destruction of ecological environment. Especially the automobile exhaust directly caused serious pollution to the atmospheric environment, but with the development of science and technology, the road has been the emergence of a variety of electric vehicles travel, such as: electric buses BYD production, electric taxis and othermanufacturers of sightseeing car, the vehicle is driven by electricity, not only will not causepollution to the environment, but also very energy saving. Therefore, in Wosen electricengineers, this will be the future direction of development, more electric vehicles to replace thefuel vehicles will. Therefore, in order to meet the future development of the electric car market in the future, not to the class of vehicle repair and maintenance. Today, Watson electricengineers to take this opportunity to share with you some dismantling and installation methodof electric vehicle motor.

Electric vehicle dismantling and installation method is more for the more popular vehicles,such as: electric sightseeing cars, electric vintage car etc.. The Wosen electric engineerexperience dismantling and installing of the motor and share their own summary.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

Electric vehicle motor dismantling and installation of the first to find a suitable fordisassembling the installation position, then the car such as: electric sightseeing cars with abracket hanging up, or take the car upside down, so it is easy to find the local controller, whenfind controller position after the controller and motor unplug the connection, < indicated: threethe root to the line, a motor Holzer line > the chain before and after all, put the screw loose,the two ends of the motor, it can take off the motor. Then loosen the motor with the line end of the screw, hands holding the rim hard knock down surface < note: in this step in order to prevent the screw buckle knock bad, the best pad the last wood > knock out (the hand canextend into the slot) when, with two feet rim, because the magnet magnetic motor. A large, to prevent the bumps, and then use the rotor hand force off the motor (in the actual installationafter the tram is stator) can see inside the structure.

Electric vehicle motor dismantling and installation method is what? On this issue in the above Wosen electric engineers first to share with you a detachable motor electric sightseeing car,next, and talk about the car motor mounting. The motor mounting at this time should besimple. In the process of installation is the motor according to the original road return can bedetachable, need to pay attention to in this step is a when we put into ceramic magnet in the rotor, the magnetic is too big, so don't worry, the position adjustment, and then slowly closeto the magnet, but also have to pay attention to is the hand not on the motor end cover,prevent bruising. The best not foot, and there is still a certain gap after, and then use a hammer to knock gently, no gap or a can, can install screws, screws are best when eachrelative to the two or three at the same time strength, prevent the ends of the gap is notconsistent the motor will influent, the remaining steps can be in accordance with thedisassembly process in the reverse order mounted on it! The above is a brushless motor,motor brush is like the above steps, the only difference is that the motor is connected to two lines.

Electric vehicle motor dismantling and installation method is what? Wosen electric engineerwill share with you the wise remark of an experienced person, hope to have all of you in themotor for dismantling and installation of certain guiding significance.