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Electric garbage truck which has advantages and characteristics?

Electric garbage truck which has advantages and characteristics? For the problem of electricengineer Wosen on the Internet to see a lot of friends ask such questions, as for the problemthat time why so hot, analysis of Wosen electric engineer, indicating that the vehicle has beenwidespread concern, but also explain the environmental awareness are relatively strong,everyone wants to know the performance of the car, how to use, its scope of application, the vehicle has what advantage and so on, this is what the user collection vehicle advantage mostelectric garbage in the purchase of vehicles and their characteristics? When it is Public opinions are divergent. answer this question in the answer, some reasonable answer, somewords can, in order to give users more intuitive, more accurate understanding of the problem,Wosen electric engineer to share with you to share.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

One. advantage of electric garbage truck.

1 streamlined body design

The design of the product has a compact structure, novel shape, beautiful appearance, strong climbing ability at the same time, mileage high.

2 electric garbage truck design is the design of detachable body

The design of car body style is in the future in order to facilitate maintenance and repair,replacement parts, a integrated body design of the same type of manufacturers, can greatly reduce the repair cost.

3 combined ceiling adopts the split structure

Can replace the interior structure according to the preferences of customers, for repairs andreplacement. Heat insulation, thermal insulation effect good interior ceiling material uses has;improve the comfort and safety of the ride.

4 hydraulic lifting system

Electric garbage truck with hydraulic lifting system, can be inside the automatic garbagedump in the specified location, not only saves manpower, but save a lot of time, improve the work efficiency.

The chassis design of 5 electric garbage truck.

The electric sightseeing car chassis design applied in electric garbage truck, to improve the stability and safety

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

Two electric garbage truck characteristics.

1 electric garbage truck has the economic characteristics

Electric garbage truck and fuel vehicles, the more economical, using the battery electric energy as the driving force, its power consumption is low, basically every hour can reach 12km/h, the use of low cost.

2 electric garbage truck has good practicality

Electric garbage vehicle weight, body design is reasonable, the sanitation workers to reduce labor intensity, increase working efficiency, low requirement for the operation of the driver, no license required, use safety

3 electric garbage truck is convenient

Electric garbage truck according to the working group, operation ability equivalent body design, the vehicle is easy to use, simple operation, low requirements on the road, the bodysize at the park.

Characteristics of the 4 electric garbage truck has a wide range of

Electric garbage truck its applicable widely, can be applied to the city environmental construction, road refuse treatment, community property cleaning, golf course, campus,playground, tourist attractions, a large park etc..

Electric garbage truck which has advantages and characteristics? Wosen electric engineerwith the vast number of friends to share the above content, in the above content, two aspectsseparately from the electric garbage truck has the advantage with its simple to do the sharing,hope that through the above can make everybody a further understanding of the vehicles.