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How much money to buy electric car?

The application of electric car with the continuous development of catering industry, especiallyin some developed city, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, and other first-tier cities, the fast food industry development is rapid, the catering industry place why so popular?The reason is very simple, of course, is to migrant workers, migrant workers more, we are fromall corners of the country, are looking for chances of success in the big city, such as Shenzhen, many high-grade office beyond count, while working in the office are called senior white-collar workers, as the saying goes, hunger breeds discontentment, so in this crowdgathered in the city, is the driving force to drive the development of catering industry, so as togive the industry brought increased competition, and some businesses in order to improve thequality of service, in order to better is a professional in the restaurant food industry,environmental protection, green, health and so on, these businesses are eager to buy theelectric car, professional, the vehicle of the characteristics of each office for environmental protection, energy saving, body, small and convenient for the shuttle, to improve the speed ofdelivery, has been well reflected in the customer.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

Electric dining car, improve the delivery speed, display professional the shop, give the use of electric trolleys merchants brought more customer groups, therefore electric car on the marketby some large restaurant favored by businessmen, so its price has soared, as recently as Wosen electric engineer from sales get feedback, said that many users are more concerned about how much money the electric car problem, all want to with the most reasonable price to buy. At present more intense competition in the market, its price is varied, and even some online price is very cheap, the purpose is to attract users. In order to give you a reasonablereference price, Wosen electric engineers to do research for the vehicle price, hope the pricecan give users have a good reference value.

To obtain summary electric car prices through the use of various means, and then the weighted the average values obtained on the current market price of electric cars: Room 2seat electric trolleys double words, the configuration for the 72v/190AH/5kw, 6v/12 block, its price in the 98000 -10 million, as is a single layer with the configuration of its price about it in the 8.4-8.6 million. If is a small 2 seat electric trolleys words double, configuration for the 48v./190AH/4kw/6v/8 block, the price of about -9 million in the 88000. With the configuration ofsingle words and its price is 70000 -8 million.

Electric car how many money? Wosen electric engineer from the structure of the paragraph is different, and the configuration is not one or two aspects to share with you how much electrictrolleys to what?