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Analysis of the cause for the slow speed driving electric sightseeing car

Compared with the electric sightseeing car speed on motor fuel is a lot slower, this is becausethe car off the road one of the reasons for the operation, at the same time, the relevant departments of the state of the vehicle the maximum speed limit, as to why the reason Wosen electric vehicle engineer also can make nothing of it. But many users are reflected in the use of this type of vehicle running speed in most of the time, compared to the normal operating speedis slower, this happens because in the end is what kind of? The electric engineer Wosen issueto the vast number of users to make the following 4 reasons.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

One. slower driving electric sightseeing cars, electric sightseeing car can check the brake is locked.

Two. The slower driving electric sightseeing car, can check the tires of filling gas is appropriate.

Three. The slower driving electric sightseeing car, check the battery voltage is normal, whetherbecause of power shortage caused, if it is because of lack of electricity, should be timely replenishment quantity.

Four. The slower driving electric sightseeing car, should check whether the overload running gradient, because the car has a maximum speed, maximum gradability, mileage limit. Such as: the biggest climb Wosen 14 electric vehicles is 20%, the maximum speed is 35km/h,mileage is 80-100km. When the car in the running process if more than before this limit speedwill slow relative to.

The cause for the slow speed driving electric sightseeing cars, electric engineer simply Wosen to share with you the above points, such as the majority of users have found other factors, also hope to share common learning progress.