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To prevent electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion should pay attention to what?

Electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion phenomenon can be said to be It is often seen., especially in the summer is coming, and will soon usher in the 5. 1 small long holiday isit is the peak travel and sightseeing, electric vehicles and is the best choice for touristssightseeing, environmental protection, energy saving has its advantages, but also exists somehidden dangers, for tourism, population density in this hot summer and more rain season, the occurrence of spontaneous combustion phenomenon have happen, so the vehicle shouldalways check, maintenance and maintenance. There may be some users asked in preventingthe spontaneous combustion situation should pay attention to what? The Wosen electricengineer to share with you.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

One.. To prevent electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion should be regularly find a regular electric vehicle manufacturers customer service line maintenance and inspection,preferably every six months or once a year.

Two. To prevent electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion should pay attention to trydriving in rainy or sections of water, do not let the motor, battery soaked in water.

Three. To prevent electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion should pay attention tocontinuous use of electric vehicles as far as possible not long time, to prevent the high temperature heating of the motor line. On this point also has the relevant people to do the test,riding an hour at the temperature of 37 degrees case, test the temperature up to 70 degrees, as in this case went charging it will be very easy to cause the electric car spontaneous combustion.

Four. When the charging of electric sightseeing car when, had better put the charger on the ground in order to facilitate the timely cooling.

Matters relating to prevent electric sightseeing car spontaneous combustion phenomenon that should be pay attention to, Wosen electric engineer simply to share with you the above four points, matters for attention, and the other is not on the one one stand out, such as: preventshort circuit aging and line, to avoid the exposure of the vehicle, if the charging it easy to causethe vehicle ignition in such circumstances.