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Four wheel electric patrol car buying needs to pay attention to what the problem?

Four wheel electric patrol car everyone in the choose and buy, hard to detect the various components of the vehicle, please do not purchase without a detailed inspection, to avoid in the future often malfunction, there may be some users asked, so that how to detect? For userswho are non professionals, to detect what the problem really is very difficult, the Wosen electric engineers suggest that when users purchase intentions clear, the best first by a general understanding of the vehicle to buy network, now the Internet is so developed, the basic parameters of the vehicle and other detection information basically can query to know, whenlearned these to purchase, the mind will have a ruler, but not the sales staff said to feel at a loss, the car regardless of their prices or the quality of how his heart more or less have to know.At the same time for the majority of users can learn more about the four rounds of electric carsshould pay attention to at the time of purchase items, Wosen electric engineer with many years of experience in the industry to share with you all to share, I hope everyone can help.

Shenzhen Wosen Technology

Four wheel electric car buy need to pay attention to what the problem? Wosen electricengineers suggest that when you do not understand this kind of in vehicle, or select some well-known manufacturers in the industry, since the industry is outstanding certainly in quality,service should be still very good. Even if the vehicle out what problems such as manufacturers also can help solve a timely. For some to understand the car users, should from the following several aspects to careful testing.

A. Four wheel electric patrol car color, for the vehicle color to see whether it is uniform, the body without a trace, color is bright, bright.

Two. Four wheel electric patrol car mechanical parts detection, for the detection of the mechanical part is generally detected on the mechanical properties, such as brake is flexible,wheels, chain and cushion etc.

Three. Four wheel electric patrol car circuit detection, such as: lights, horn, switch, electrichandle, the brake power, battery charger, etc..

Four. Four wheel electric car motor testing; motor connected to have no abnormal noise,running without power, ride a certain time to see whether the abnormal heat, if there are conditions, check the motor current, have a look whether the electric current is within the normal range. If the motor current is abnormal, may require the manufacturers to replace the new motor to buy.

The fourth round of electric car battery test, the battery is the core of electric patrol car, if usebuy car battery is not good, it will seriously affect the vehicle performance. Therefore, should seriously check battery appearance has no deformation, measuring a place an order fullvoltage battery is in the 12V-13V, the battery is the original brand batteries etc..

Four wheel electric car buy need to pay attention to what the problem? Wosen electricengineer simply to share with you the above content, anyway, when everyone in the purchase of such vehicles in order to have a better security, it is recommended that you choose well-known brand is better, the price more expensive in the long run is worth.